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​​The beauty of this cutting edge holster is shown on the APX 7000 in this video but the concept is carried throughout the line.  
Made in the USA, Turtleback Cases bring holstering a hand-held radio into the 21st Century. Premium leather, custom fitted to protect the vital operational points of the radio, a patented racheting D-stud and the ability to rotate it 180 degress for removal from a duty belt and  placing the radio with it on, directly into a charging base, is what makes these extremely unique.

Numerous models are available for these radio brands:
EF Johnson
All priced between between $41.99 to $47.99.
​​Power Products is the leader for replacement batteries and  charging innovations for virtually all two-way radios in use.  Each battery can be fully customized with your information like shown above. Couple that with superior cells, gold contacts, rugged plastics and you will find why Power Products is the best. ​​

Needing to charge a fleet of radios?  Trend setting compact 6 bank and 12 unit chargers with minimal footprints are just a small example of what is available in the Endura and Logic charger brands. 

Positive Charge is the wholesale channel partner for the full Power Products line in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. As well as the authority to national buying groups, public servants and commercial end-users.