​​​​​Two-Way Radio ​​​
​​​​Bringing two-way radios into the 21st Century!

The days of putting a hand-held radio or the battery in a drop-in charger are over. The patent pending technology in the Good 2 Go battery incorporates an internal charger, powered through a micro-USB port, like found on many cell phones. Charging  status is shown in an on-board
LED that glows from RED to Green, letting you know it's Good 2 Go. Each battery also has traditional circuitry to be
charged conventionally (drop-in) too. 

Public servants, security personnel, teachers and more have already selected these as the ultimate radio battery and an excellent  alternative to installing a vehicle charger.
​​​​ G2G7038 for Motorola APX 6000, 7000 and 8000 $119.95 
​​​​ Each Good 2 Go
comes with a 24 inch USB to micro-USB cable and hi-output wall and car adapters. 
​​​​ PC8299 for Motorola XTS 3000, 5000 and EF Johnson 5100/51 Series  $109.00 
​​​​ PC4409 Mot. XPR 3500, 7000 & APX 1000 thru 4000  $99.00 
​​​​ PC4077 for Motorola XPR 6000
& 6500 $99.00 
​​​​ PC9858 for 
​X TS 2500 PR1500 $99.00 
​​​​ PC4497  for Motorola CP200
PR400 $99.00 
​​​​ PC4081  for Motorola 
C P185   $99.00 
​​​​ PC9013 for Mot.
HT750/ 1250 & PR860 $99.00 
​​​​ PCKNB57 for Kenwood TK2170 3360 & NX320 $99.00 
​​​​ PCBL2006 for Hytera PD7 Series and Harris HDP100/150 $99.00 
​​​​ PC232 for ICOM F14 F3021 F4161
​​​​ Making a radio more like a cell phone with the advantage of having a built-in flashlight is another Positive Charge original.  Security and public servants are using these nationwide. The bright light is activated with a dip switch, when pressed once keeps the light on steadily. Clicking the button again invokes strobe mode, an excellent safety indicator when a radio user is out at night, supplying a visual indicator to on cuming traffic.

These models are available now

FBKNB57 Kenwood TK2170/3360 NX320..............$67.75
FB8299 Motorola XTS3000/5000 & EFJ 5100.........$77.75
FB9858 Motorola XTS2500 PR1500........................$67.75
FB9013 Motorola HT750/1250 PR860....................$67.75

More coming soon

​​​​ PCDCSL The only vehicle charger that will work on
Motorola SL Series radios that have  a micro-USB
charging   port on the side.........................  $18.00
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